A Very Convenient Messenger Bag | Tenba Messenger DNA 13 Review by Gleb Lapham

Camera bags are always tricky. Some have a lot of room for cameras and lenses but no room left for anything else. Others are the exact opposite. Sometimes you just want one that can work no matter what. Well this one may just do the job! Check out the video below for my review of the Tenba Messenger DNA 13

The Latest From Adobe, New Lightroom CC First Impressions by Gleb Lapham

Adobe has recently released an updates to its Lightroom software. There are now two versions of Lightroom, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. In this video I briefly go over the differences between the two versions and then give a first impression and quick review of the new Lightroom CC app. 

An Adventure in Banff - Part 1 by Gleb Lapham

Last week was a very busy week. It was full of driving, excitement, good food, and new places. My good friend Dallas Ware and I decided to take a road trip up to Banff National Park in Alberta. 

This has been a place that I always wanted to visit and see. I've heard so many beautiful things about it and I have seen a lot of beautiful pictures online. So I was pretty excited. But first we had to get there, which we did by driving. So check out Part 1 of my Banff Travel Vlog!

Shooting The Night Skies by Gleb Lapham

There are many subjects to choose from in photography. While I primarily do landscape and travel photography, occasionally, on warm summer night I like to head up to the mountains and gaze up at the night sky. While there I like to set up my camera and get some shots of the night sky. Sometimes it can be challenging, but with those challenges come great rewards in the form of some beautiful shots. So, this week I wanted to make a video and talk about how you can too get some beautiful shots of the night sky. Check it out!

Taking a Ride in an Old School Classic by Gleb Lapham

Last Sunday I had an awesome opportunity to take a ride in an old time, classic, American muscle. My good friend Dallas recently bought himself a 1967 Ford Mustang. So this weekend we decided to take it up on one of our favorite roads, The Road to Monte Cristo in Northern Utah. It felt pretty awesome riding in a classic muscle car. There were squeaks and creeks, whistles and rumbles, and a lot of character! Old cars are cool! Check out the full vlog and join the journey!