Photo Tips

5 Photography Ideas to Try at Home

You ever have those days where you want to take some pictures but can't really think of anywhere to do. So by the time the day is winding down and coming to an end you still have that photographic itch, but you have yet to satisfy it. Well there are plenty of things you can do at home to get your creativity flowing. So, in my latest video I wanted to share some ideas about what kind of pictures you can take at home. Check it out, and remember to like, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Have a nice day!

Shooting The Night Skies

There are many subjects to choose from in photography. While I primarily do landscape and travel photography, occasionally, on warm summer night I like to head up to the mountains and gaze up at the night sky. While there I like to set up my camera and get some shots of the night sky. Sometimes it can be challenging, but with those challenges come great rewards in the form of some beautiful shots. So, this week I wanted to make a video and talk about how you can too get some beautiful shots of the night sky. Check it out!

Advice on Choosing Your First Lens

When you're just starting out photography there are a lot of things that can be overwhelming. One of those is buying a lens. There are so many options! So, which one do you choose? Well in today's video I hope to answer that question by giving you some advice.


My Tips for Landscape Photograhy

Landscapes are some of my favorite subjects to shoot. It relaxing and exciting at the same time and pursuing the next landscape picture is a great way to explore new locations.

This week I wanted to share some of my personal tips for landscape photography. They are nothing technical, nor is this a tutorial. Just some of the things I've learned from taking landscape pictures.